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Hydraulic Cable Cutter

May 30, 2017

Contractors and construction workers usually have to cut through different thicknesses and types of cables. The types of tools they have used over the years have been manual, battery-powered, engine-powered or recently electrically powered. The hydraulic cable cutter combines manual and mechanical operations to enhance the amount of production with minimal manual force application.


In the past, saws were consistently used in cutting cables; however, they had quite a number of challenges. The challenges consisted of sparking which could result in fires, loud noises and slow cutting. In comparison, the hydraulic cable cutter is more effective when sparks are not produced, there are low noise levels and faster cutting, and the ability to achieve high pressures, and therefore cutting thick cables using little force.


Hydraulic cable cutters possess a spring return, are self-contained and are fitted with integral hydraulic pumps that enable efficient production under difficult circumstances. Some of these cutters can be used in under water applications because they can be specially sealed for such operation. The blades are easily replaceable after wear and tear.


When choosing a hydraulic cable cutter, it is important to consider a number of things.


Insight into the Hydraulic Cable Cutter


  • Size: Consider the size of the cable that you will be cutting so that you are able to get the right cutter for the job. You may also want to consider the size of the cutter itself depending on the application. If the job requires a portable cutter, then it is wise to consider an easily portable model.
  • Durability: The durability of the cutter blades depends on the material that will be cut. Heat-treated blades are usually more durable.
  • Comfort: The blades usually have soft material on the handles for easy and comfortable use. You should choose the most comfortable material for you.
  • Adjustable blades: if you are intending to use the cutters for different materials, then consider purchasing a cutter with adjustable blades. This way, the different sets of blades can be more efficient and long lasting