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How Work Tents Help Workers and Benefit Operations

June 14, 2019

In any work site, personal safety should come first. To achieve this, you have to make sure that your team is protected from falling hazards and the effects of unfavourable weather conditions. Work tents are the best option to make sure everyone is safe and secure in any work site.



AMAC Equipment offers ground tents that can perfectly weather-proof your team.



Specifically, Condux QuickTent offers the following helpful features:



The Condux QuickTent work tent can be carried easily and can be erected and dismantled by one person. It can be folded into a small and lightweight carrying bag which is sewn into the tent.



Condux QuickTent is made of light fibreglass frames and nylon covers coated with urethane. The choice of materials makes these work tents completely weather-resistant.



Our work tents come in five sizes and offer roomy working space for your team.  Furthermore, each work tent has the following features:

  • Roll-up door with velcro or zipper closures
  • Built-in wind lines for tethering
  • Window with vent with closing flap
  • 12" (305 mm) skirt around the base
  • Exhaust port

Indeed, nothing is more important than the safety of your team. After all, your tools and equipment cannot function without operators to run and/or use it. So, make no mistake in choosing the right work tent for your hardworking team.


Choose Condux QuickTent from AMAC Equipment. For over fifty years, we have been committed to provide the best ground tents and accessories for personal safety and convenience. Our work tents protect your equipment and working site from different unfavourable weather conditions and other potential hazards.


The representatives of AMAC Equipment proudly showcased our expertise and knowledge during the CommTech Show West held on May 28-30, 2019 at Best Western Premiere – Calgary Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre. Without a doubt, our products and services have contributed to the development of TELECOM/CATV industries in Canada.


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