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How To Clean And Maintain Work Tents

July 17, 2018

When it comes to any worksite, safety is always the highest priority. Employees need protection from falling objects, the harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and any other potential worksite hazards. At AMAC Equipment, we provide high-end work accessories and gear. From work tents to safety equipment, we’re here to help ensure safety in the workplace.


Safety in the workplace is important, which is why we’re capable of providing high quality work tents and protective equipment!


Work tents are the best choice of equipment for shielding your workers from the weather. It’s for this reason that it’s vital to clean and maintain our tents. This is to help minimize deterioration of your product and maximize its lifespan.


Our Condux work tents are made from high quality materials. With a fiberglass frame and a urethane-coated nylon cover, these highly portable work tents are sure to last years. The Condux work tents that we offer are available in five different sizes and can fit into a carrying bag that is actually sewn into the tent!


The following are the steps that you need to take to properly clean your work tent:


  • Preliminaries – Use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess water and dirt on the work tent. It’s important to apply the cloth gently over the tent as to not cause any damage to the material. Also, inspect the tent for any areas that are particularly dirty.
  • Avoid Detergents – Washing detergents should not be used as it will destroy the fabric of your tent. Instead, use dish soap and apply it with your cloth to scrub away those dirty spots.
  • Air Dry Tents – Afterwards, it’s time to dry your tent. Under no circumstance should you use a machine to wash or dry your tent. Use a washing line outside instead! It’s also important to never use any artificial source of heat since it could potentially damage the material.
  • Proper Storage – After your tent is dry, fold it down to fit inside its carrying bag. It’s vital that you ensure your work tents are completely dry before you pack it away to prevent any mildew from growing.


So when you’re in need of work tents or protective equipment for your worksite, we at AMAC Equipment are happy to help! We specialize in providing products used for both aerial and underground cable installations. Whether it be protective equipment, tents, pole line hardware, or tools, we have the wide selection of products to assist in your next cable installation project.