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How to Choose the Right Cable Lubricant

December 28, 2020

A cable lubricant is a handy tool for any installation team. Cables will burn and strip if you run them across corners, crevices, and small insertions without lubrication. Over the years, wax, petroleum, and soap have become primary lubrication for cables. However, these aren't your team's best options.


Here are four fundamental steps to find the best lubricant for all your cable.


Choose Easy-To-Clean and Zero-Stain 

One of the biggest gripes any cable engineer has is removing or dissolving the lubricant they've applied on cables. Wax-based lubrication, which companies used decades ago, is problematic to wash off. When dried, it can affect the cable's functionality. Nowadays, you have a wide variety of choices -- and make sure to find an easy-to-clean and zero-stain cable lubricant.


Avoid Soap-Based Lubricants

During the 50s, soap with water was an excellent cable lubricant during the time. However, installers and evaluators came to see that soap has adverse effects on cables. While it prevents exterior damage through frictional burning, it causes corrosion to the cable material. Soap-based lubricants remain available in the market but make sure your cables will not be affected by the soap or avoid them completely. 


Polymer, Silicon, and Teflon Works Best

Modern lubrication combines 80 percent of the water with dependable additives, such as a polymer, silicon, and Teflon. These non-stick materials are affordable and provide an exceptional reduction in cable friction. AMAC Equipment has a wide selection of these cable pulling lubricants available for your projects at any time. 


Mind The Changing Temperature and Weather

Anti-freezing chemicals are useful lubricants when installing or maintaining cables during cold winters. When working in environments that have high moisture, water-repellant lubricants, such as polymer paraffin oil, expels water when cables traverse through water-filled ducts.


If you have yet to find a dependable lubricant manufacturer, you can count on us at AMAC Equipment to provide you with the best products and other solutions. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.