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How the Experts Utilise Pull Tapes for Cable Installation

January 07, 2020

One of the most useful yet simple tools in an electrical installation team’s arsenal is the trusty pull tape. The sweeping advances in technology and industry focus in improving tools and equipment has charted the way towards developing specialised tapes that can pull cables through any nook and cranny with little to no hassle – a much preferred solution compared to pulling rope.


Specialists that take it upon themselves to combine all this with modern practices can go on to make considerable headway against their competitors.


So what exactly are these tricks of the trade? Join us as we outline three effective ways to utilize pull tape for any cable installation.


Manage Friction Levels

Modern pull tape is made from smooth polyester that provides unprecedented friction prevention; however, nothing is infallible and rapid pulling of any tape can cause friction that can lead to damaged cables and wires. While well-made tapes can handle low levels of abrasion this shouldn’t permit you to rest on your laurels; it is important to inspect internal cable surfaces to avoid any troublesome incidents once you complete the circuit's installation.


Monitor Tape Stretch Limits

High-quality polyester tape from AMAC Equipment guarantees the lowest possibility of stretching. This promotes consistent pull speed and promises cable travel with as little abrasion and external damage as possible that may have otherwise occurred from delayed or sped-up cable pulling.


Nevertheless, it's important to monitor the wear and tear of your polyester tapes. We've taken every measure to supply polyester tapes in accordance with the best standards but they can still wear down and stretch extensively with repeated use.


Use Fish Tapes Where Necessary

Fish tapes pull the guide string that guides the pull tape which carries the cables and wires that have to navigate across different corners of the installation area. Strategies like this may take more time but it helps save you from possible cable damage -  a much more costly endeavor, especially should you be about to wrap up a project.


Source Your Supplies From Providers That Go The Extra Mile

It can be daunting to make electrical equipment purchases through ecommerce websites. What have we done to rectify this? We at AMAC Equipment have our very own demo truck to show you the quality of our products and their adaptability in any situation – all on-site! If you'd like to set up an appointment, contact us and we’ll be happy to suit your schedule.