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How Reel Trailer Help Contractors At Worksites

January 28, 2022

Overhead and underground cables are essential for utility supply. Everyone from electricity and telecommunication providers to fibre optical internet providers relies on cables for reaching households dotted across the city. It is the duty of the contractors to ensure the cable is laid in the required amount and at the required location to ensure an uninterrupted utility supply.


Whenever there is a requirement for overhead or underground cables to be installed in a new location, contractors rely on state-of-the-art tools and equipment like reel trailers. This ensures that the complex work of cable installation is done in a most-effective manner and in the shortest possible time. 



A reel trailer is one of the most important pieces of equipment used by contractors at cable installation sites.


Apart from the installation of new cables, contractors also need a place to safely store cables pulled out of the underground for maintenance work. This is where reel trailers prove to be useful as they provide a safe and easy way to store cables in large quantities.


A reel trailer is basically mobile equipment with a spindle. This rotating spindle offers enough space for storing cables. There are different types of RTs that are suitable for different projects depending on their nature and size. Single and multiple reel trailers are two commonly used RTs by contractors. As the name suggests, a single RT can accommodate a single spindle of cable and multiple RT has the space to effectively store multiple spindles of cable.


Depending on the requirement, you can find RT with electric breaks, auto-loading capacity, breakaway kit, safety chains, rear stabilizer, and electrical junction box. The tires and the build quality of the trailers are such that they can bear larger loads without getting damaged or malfunctioning.


For a wide range of reel trailers of exceptional quality, you can rely on AMAC Equipment. We have years of experience in supplying pole line hardware and aerial equipment. Get in touch with us now to learn about all our products.