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How Duct Rodders Revolutionized Cable Installation

June 30, 2023

Traditional cable and pipe installation methods involve digging up the ground, causing disruption and damage to existing infrastructure. With the kind of cable installation tools and equipment available at a contractor’s disposal today, there is no need to stick to outdated and conventional techniques anymore. A duct rodder is one such tool that has entirely revolutionized the cable installation industry. We take a brief look into what rodders are and how they have revolutionized cable installation. 

What is Duct Rodders?

  • Duct rodders are a type of tool used to push or pull cables through pipes, conduits, or other narrow spaces. They consist of a fiberglass rod coated with a strong outer layer that makes them durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • The rods come in various diameters and lengths depending on the specific job requirements. Additionally, some models come equipped with accessories such as rollers or attachments for easier maneuverability.
  • One significant advantage of using duct rodders is their flexibility when it comes to navigating tight spaces or sharp turns where traditional methods may fail to work effectively.
  • Rodders provide an efficient way to install cables without damaging existing infrastructure while reducing labour costs and minimizing downtime.

How Do Duct Rodders Work?

  • The process starts by attaching one end of the rod to a pulling device which is then used to feed it into the conduit or pipe. Once inside, the rod passes smoothly without causing any damage or blockage thanks to its smooth surface.
  • As it moves forward, a worker feeds more rods into the line until it reaches its destination point. At this point, another attachment can be fixed onto the end of the rod so that wires or cables can be attached and pulled back through with ease.



The unique design and functionality of rodders help contractors complete projects faster while also improving overall project quality. AMAC Equipment Ltd. is a trusted supplier of cable installation tools. Our rodders come with a wide range of features like strong cages and wheel brakes. What’s more? We offer duct rodders with cages of different sizes to best suit your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of cable installation and cable-pulling products.