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High-Quality Work Tents for Construction Sites

May 21, 2021

Optimal solutions in terms of work tents, construction tents, and mobile roofings are an important part of construction sites. In a number of cases, postponing or delaying work is not an option, due to the need to meet deadlines. To assist with maintaining performance in conditions such as rain or harsh sunlight, several companies opt for equipment known as working tents. When it comes to outdoor construction sites, there are many applications for these pieces of equipment. They can be used during the following open-air activities: road construction work, inspections, sewage and pipework, electrical and mobile function box maintenance, shaft and channel repairs, as well as fibre optic assembly. 


AMAC Equipment Ltd. provides our clients with work tents that meet their needs, along with a wide range of other equipment types to support their businesses.


Working and construction tents offer sites reliable mobile roofing, and they are being found more frequently in the industry. One not only protects employees and machines, but building materials as well, from factors like wind and rain.


The working tents by AMAC Equipment Ltd.


Our tents possess high-quality characteristics, and their innovative design allows for the setup and tear-down to be performed by a single person. The Condux QuickTents we carry are portable and freestanding, with fibreglass frames and urethane-coated nylon covers. They can be folded down into a small and lightweight carrying bag, which is sewn onto the work tent. Each of the five sizes we have available include a vent (featuring a closing flap) or window, an exhaust port, and Velcro or zipper enclosures. All in all, employees do not lose time as a result of our tents’ uncomplicated assembly and beneficial components.


Browse our website and contact us today for more information about our work tents, and how AMAC Equipment Ltd. is ready to support your business.