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Here’s Why Engineered Work Tents Are Better Than Traditional Tents

October 19, 2021

On any job site, especially those that involve heavy-duty work and dangerous tasks, the safety of the workers deserves utmost importance. Cable installation and construction projects also fall under this domain, where workers have to be shielded against any type of danger due to falling debris as well as harsh weather elements. This is the reason why authorities have strict requirements on protective gear, and work tents are also a part of this mandate. These tents essentially fall under two categories, traditional and modern tents.

Here we will see how modern, engineered work tents are better than their traditional counterparts.

Traditional Work Tent 

A quality work tent can either make or break a project, hence proper handling, erection, and dismantling must be a priority for workers before starting operations on any long-term job sites. Physical harm due to falling objects or working at heights can potentially cause serious injuries. Tents are specially made to address such concerns. With regards to traditional work tents, they are made up of the tent structure and canopy. Their main structure is typically made up of steel frames that are connected by bolts and nuts, whereas their canvas sheet or the canopy is often tied to the mainframe. Due to their design, erecting and dismantling work tents can be more tedious and may require extra skills.


Modern Work Tent

To resolve the shortcomings of a traditional tent, engineered work tents were created. These modern tents are particularly made following the international standards of work safety. Their frame members are specifically made for easy and quick assembly. Moreover, they are equipped with a convenient mechanism that prevents the need for membranes to be tied manually to the frame. They are invented to be assembled or erected in a systematic manner following certain steps or procedures. Thus, if your goal is to protect both your job site and employees from hazardous situations, then consider quality work tents offered by AMAC Equipment Limited, the leader in supplying cable pulling and safety equipment.

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