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Handle your Cables Securely with the Right Cable Pulling Grip

July 08, 2019

A cable pulling grip lets you pull cables through conduits without damaging it. Usually made of stainless or galvanized steel, cable pulling grips are an essential tool is any cable installation operation. During a cable installation, you want to make sure that the cable is held securely. Otherwise, you might end up damaging it.


Here are some factors to consider about cable pulling grips:


Choose the Right Kind


Not all cable pulling grips are created equal. Although they come in many kinds, wire mesh grips are widely used for its unmatched reliability.  For one thing, wire mesh grips have many points of mechanical gripping. Each cross in a wire mesh grip securely holds the cable. For this reason, wire mesh grips are especially useful in overhead cable installations.


Before choosing a cable pulling grip, you also have to consider its tensile strength. There are single weaves, straight grips that have teeth and bites the wire strand, and more. At times, talking to a reliable expert like AMAC Equipment will help you choose the best option.


Extra Considerations


Especially during cable installation, you may want to consider a breakaway swivel. It lets the cable untwist during the pull and is perfect for when handling cables.


In addition, there are cable pulling grips that are specifically designed to pull fibre optic cables. It has longer wire mesh grips to accommodate the delicate material of fibre optic cables.


Indeed, choosing the right cable pulling grip is vital for smooth operations. If you are looking for expert advice and reliable products, AMAC Equipment has got you covered with high-quality galvanized steel pulling grips.


AMAC Equipment is widely renown for our variety of products – between April 15-17, we were part of the 2019 CommTech showcase where we presented our many cable installation tools and equipment at the Mississauga Convention Centre.