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From A Cable Pulling Grip To A Puller: Essential Equipment for Cable Installation

May 03, 2018

Cable installations, both overhead and underground, are constantly evolving with the development of new technology and tools. Essential tools for cable installation include a cable puller, pull tape, lubricant, a cable pulling grip, and so much more. This kind of work must be done safely and properly the first time to save resources.


AMAC has an extensive history working in the industry and has been a key player in the growth and evolution of cable installation practices over the years. We do this by developing new equipment, methods and solutions for all types of cable laying and repairs. Below is a guide to some of the essential tools required for cable installation.


A cable pulling grip is just one of the many tools that are vital for cable installation!


Cable Pulling Grip

This tool offers great way of pulling electrical cable, telephone cable and bare conductors. These grips are made of excellent galvanized steel strands for durability and strength. When you need a cable pulling grip for your operation, select it based on the required tension, gripping surface, movement, diameter and attachments. 


APS75 Cable Puller and Accessories

This equipment is manufactured and designed for underground cable installation. It’s completely self-contained with advanced features such as digital monitoring, wired remote control, a rotating pulling arm and an anti-twist rope. It can also be easily transported from site to site and provides up to 7,500 pounds of continuous pulling power. Being the industry leading cable puller, it can tackle the toughest pulling applications.   


Pull Tape

Apart from a cable pulling grip and a puller, another useful tool is pull tape. A polyester woven pre-lubed tape is recommended for pulling fiber optic and coaxial cable. Its application allows for much easier pulling.


Cable Pulling Lubricant

The product leaves a lubricating film that provides maximum friction reduction during cable pulling. Recommended for long pulls and hot environments, it’s a non-toxic lubricant that coats power cables and copper cables.


At AMAC Equipment, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products. Our highly skilled and trained installation experts are always ready to assist you with any of our utility supply services and products, so contact us today!