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Fiber To Home: The Importance Of Microfiber Blowers

July 06, 2022

The Internet has gradually become more and more inseparable from our daily lives. According to a leading database company Statista, the number of global internet users has crossed the five billion mark. What's more astounding is the rate at which internet users are expected to grow annually. Fiber internet has become a vital part of every city's utility supply.

Fiber cables are one of the most common methods of enabling the internet across all regions. A sound infrastructure is vital to the supply of fiber internet. Contractors rely on a wide range of tools and equipment to set up and maintain the infrastructure essential for fiber internet. The microfiber blower is the most important one among them all.

Microfiber blowers are a game-changer.

To pull fiber optic cables across great lengths is by no means an easy task. Without state-of-the-art equipment, cable pulling can take a very long time to finish. Thanks to modern cable blowers, the entire task is simplified. The fiber blowing machines can shoot fiber optic cables through a conduit at great lengths. The innovation of these machines is nothing less than an engineering marvel. The entire machine is based on a pressurized blowing system. 


An air pocket is created by two forces, the pulling force and the pushing force. The pressurized air allows the cable to travel through the air pocket at great speed. If a city council wants to ensure fiber internet access across all homes, they need to seek the help of contractors well-equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, including microfiber blowers. 

The importance of such sophisticated fiber blowers is immense for achieving the goal of fiber internet across all households.  AMAC Equipment Limited is a leading supplier of cable installation and cable pulling tools. We are a leading name in aerial equipment and utility supply. Contact us today to learn about our wide range of products.