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Fiber Blowers: An Overview

April 09, 2021

A versatile piece of equipment, fiber blowers are also called jetting machines and cable blowing machines. This equipment is specially designed and intended to blow fiber optic cables into ducts, conduits, or pipelines. The machine is operated using air, either through compressed air stored in a tank or through the use of nitrogen. After that, the cable is then fed into a motorized blower that is attached to a duct through a one-way air valve. It is the blower head that offers the force needed by the cable to be pushed into the duct through the application of clean dry air injected into its pathway.


Here are some of the design elements of fiber blowers:


While fiber blowers differ in terms of design, they are made with similar major parts that work together to provide enough air for the machine. The cables to be installed will then be propelled through great distances of intricate ductwork with the use of a jetting machine. This machine is generally composed of several parts, including a blowing head, base plate, belt feeder, adjustment and lubrication systems, a cable meter counter, and a compressed air connection. It is the blowing head that guarantees the secure fitting of the duct.


As for the type of fiber blowers available, they are mainly categorized depending on the diameter of the cable they can work with and the type of drive system they utilize. These often include track feeders, roller feeders, belt feeders, or blower heads without feeders. Overall, they come in two major types: hydraulically powered and air powered. The former type has two parts, namely the hydraulic power pack and the cable feeding unit.


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