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Features that Enable Pull Tape to Perform Best

February 12, 2018

When installing a cable system, there is always a need to pull the cables from strained points and pulling their ends for joining. In this case, the use of a pull tape is often necessary. It is a braided rope-like tape that is commonly used the during cable installation process.


Pull tape is useful in routing phone wires and network cables through electrical conduit and walls. In working with a combination of ropes, strings, and winch lines, using a pull tape eliminates the extra labor that would be otherwise needed.


It comes in different strengths, lengths, and types. The most commonly used types include the polyester pull tapes and steel fish tapes.


A polyester pull tape has high tensile strength, resulting in low stretching even under high pressure. It is specially lubricated to reduce the risk of burn-through.


The fish pull tape is flat and rugged, making it excellent for tougher jobs. They can be gripped with ease and can be used in all kinds of conduits. In general, pull tapes offer top performance due to the special and extensive features they are made of. These include:


  • Pre-lubricated to minimize friction and protect from breaking
  • Easy to use
  • Flat shape to easily blow into varying shapes
  • Balanced tension across its length, preventing flossing
  • Flat designs for even distribution of sidewall load
  • Lightweight for easy blow through conduits
  • Ability to disperse loads over large conduit areas, minimizing heat build-ups and burn-through
  • Sequential markings for precise measurements, eliminating the need for measuring tapes and helps to locate crushed cables
  • Protec conduit infrastructure
  • Easily sliced
  • Choice for pre-installation


At AMAC Equipment, we provide top-quality parts and service for cable installation tools. Our product range includes a wide variety of equipment and hand tools necessary for a safety and ease, such as a cable pull tape.


Our extensive inventory also includes lubricants, cleaners, hydraulic cable cutters, truck mounted equipment and many more.


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