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Features that Bring out the Full Potential of Your Pull Tape

January 08, 2018

When installing a cable system, it is important to always have an efficient means of pulling the cables from strained points for joining. Pull tape is usually this efficient process. This type of tape is a braided, rope-like tape that is useful for routing phone wires and network cables through electrical conduits and walls. It works as well as it does because the material used to form it – usually polyester or steel – reduces heat and friction, protecting cables from damage during this process.



Regardless of the material used, pull tape is extremely useful for cable installations thanks to a number of unique properties:



  • Pre-lubricated to further minimize friction
  • Flat shape with strong flexibility
  • Balanced tension across the length of the tape
  • Flat design for even distribution of sidewall load
  • Lightweight
  • Disperses loads across large areas
  • Sequential markings for precise measurements
  • Protects conduit infrastructure
  • Easily sliced


At AMAC Equipment, we provide parts and service for cable installation processes. Our product range includes a wide variety of equipment and hand tools necessary for a successful cabling experience, including high-quality pull tape. Our extensive inventory also includes lubricants, cleaners, hydraulic cable cutters, truck mounted equipment, and much, much more, for aerial or underground projects – whatever you need, we have the experience and inventory to help!


AMAC Equipment has been an important part of the cabling industry in Canada for over nearly fifty-five years. For products related to these jobs, installations, or for repairs and service work, our experienced teams are certified, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist in your projects across the GTA. Feel free to give us a call or to request a quote to learn more about our products and services!