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Features of Good Pull Tape for Efficient Cable Installation

August 04, 2017

One essential element in the process of cable installation is the pull tape. Cable pulling tapes are used as an electrical conduit and to route new wiring through walls. It is a significant component that network installers use to expedite the installation process and ensure excellent network connectivity. The main purpose of a cable pulling tape is to reduce the adverse effects of friction when pulling heavy cables. Pull tape also gives the network installation a seamless appearance allowing any type of wiring to run through solid surfaces.


Several Features of A Good Cable Pull Tape that Will Expedite the Installation Process


  • Pre-Lubricated - A pre-lubricated pulling tape reduces the friction that significantly reduces the pulling tensions. It also eliminates the additional labour required to work with a string, rope, and winch line combination.


  • Low Burn Through Resistance - A pull tape that has a low burn through resistance ensures that the wirings are well protected. It reduces the risks of network issues communication failure.


  • Lightweight - Lightweight cable pulling tapes are very convenient since they can easily be blown through conduits or ducts. It will also make the routing of wires easier because of its lightweight feature.


  • Load Dispersal - Pulling tapes with this feature distributes the load over the conduit’s larger surface area to significantly reduce the frictional heat build-up and burn through. This feature also protects the ducts and PVC.


  • Durable Sequential Foot Marks - This features enable the pull tape to be used as a measuring tool as its secondary function. With this feature along with the pre-lubrication makes the pull tape a multi-functioning tool.


These features are important aspects that make an excellent cable pull tape that will not only accelerate the installation process. But also ensure an efficient working network with excellent connectivity.