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Essentials of a Good Cable Pulling Trailer

July 20, 2017

Cable stringing operations can be challenging. The process is more complex where underground laying or cables is involved as pulling the cables to precision is always a process faced with numerous challenges.


Common ones to avoid include the following:


  • Broken cables
  • Loose cables
  • Passing cables through constricted areas
  • Pulling cables through deep excavations


All the above are special cases that require the use of special cable pulling trailers. For excellent results, the trailer should have the right components aimed at giving you access to the right equipment. Some must-haves for the trailer include:


  • Power rodders
  • Cable scrapers
  • Cable pullers
  • Reels for your cables and wires


As an advanced cable and wire laying utility, the cable pulling trailer should allow for effective stretching of both underground and overhead cables and wires. When properly stretched, the cables become less susceptible to breaking off or rapid wear and tear during installation or removal. In the generic sense, cable pulling equipment are classed into two:


  • Single handling and pulling equipment,
  • Multiple handling and pulling equipment


The equipment is not only limited to handling underground cables, but also handling wires during their installation and removal. The use of multiple handling trailers allows the operator to undertake numerous operations at a time, leading to numerous cost savings.


Buying a cable pulling trailer is not always affordable, so hiring is always recommended whenever buying is not convenient. Some checks have to however be put to consideration. Some tips are below.


  • Cable and wire handling ability
  • Cost of outsourcing
  • Mobility
  • Reliability of the supplier
  • Availability of additional cable handling facilities


It is recommended that you consider the company from which you are purchasing or renting a cable pulling trailer. AMAC Equipment is one of the most experienced and professional suppliers of these trailers in the industry.