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Distinction Between Different Types of Duct Rodder Products

August 02, 2018

The duct rodder is an essential tool for so many duct related jobs. From cleaning ducts to checking condition with cameras, the duct rodder is a versatile enabler of utility. In fact, a duct rodder comes in a number of configurations, featuring copper cables inside to enable electrical connections.


But the duct rodder is not only about the cable, its frame must be sturdy enough to carry it too. All too often manufacturers focus only on the cable, not focusing enough on the convenience that comes from a frame that can the brunt of being moved around and having the cable reeled in and out of it repeatedly.


Condux duct rodder products preface a great balance between easy operation and reliable performance. We look at three types of Condux duct rodders that are so popular with contractors.


  • Cobra – The Cobra duct rodder is one built for heavy duty applications. Using a unique construction process it imbibes greater rigidity and strength than other duct rodders. This makes it ideal for longer duct runs and multiple bends. A number of strength increasing technologies are also included, such as braided reinforcing fibres, a polymer blend coating and more.
  • Python – A duct rodder doesn’t always need to maximize strength. Some applications require a duct rodder which is flexible and able to navigate through particularly sharp curves; something a heavy duty cable wouldn’t be able to do. However, the Python does not compromise on strength. It still comes with a heavy duty plastic coating and resist abrasion from pulling.
  • Mini-Cobra – The Mini-Cobra duct rodder is much like the Cobra: it bears the same hallmarks of strength and heavy duty use. However, where it differs is in that the Mini-Cobra is designed for smaller duct sizes. Being a smaller diameter cable, however, means it is as flexible as the Python.