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Different Types Of Reel Trailers

July 22, 2022

Cable-pulling is a hectic task that requires access to the best tools and equipment. This task requires dedication and attention to detail. Contractors are trusted with pulling cables across a city for long distances to set up infrastructure ideal for an uninterrupted utility supply.


 Among the many types of equipment used by contractors, reel trailers are among the most useful. These trailers are perfect for transporting and storing large quantities of cables safely.


These trailers are built using top-quality and sturdy frames, thus enabling them to pull heavy loads without breaking down. AMAC Equipment Ltd. supplies a wide range of cable trailers at the best rates.



Different types of reel trailers supplied by AMAC



Multiple Innerduct Trailer
This state-of-the-art trailer from AMAC Equipment Ltd. has a capacity of 10,000 lbs (4535.92 kg). With the ability to store and transport cable reel diameters of up to 120 inches, this is one of the most preferred trailers among contractors. The length of this trailer is 34 feet, while the width is 96 inches. The Multiple Innerduct Trailer features a 12 V electric brake. 


Cargo/Multiple Trailer
The Cargo Trailer boasts a payload rating of 10000 lbs and is a heavy-duty model. The build quality of this trailer is unmatched as it can last years without requiring heavy maintenance. Electric brakes, drop leg jack, safety chains, certification holder, rear stabilizer, electric junction box, and DOT compliance stickers are all extraordinary features of this particular model.


Single trailer
Single railer is a smaller model as compared to the other two mentioned in this blog. This model can safely store and transport cables up to 6000 lbs. Manual hydraulics, electric brakes, capacity to hold versatile spool sizes, low center of gravity, and telescoping loading mechanism are distinctive features of this single trailer.


You can rely on us to source the best trailers and cable installation tools at reasonable rates. Contact us today to learn about our wide range of products.