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Common Types Of Utility Supply Tools

July 18, 2022

In today's interdependent world, many moving parts work in tandem to ensure a city or province functions properly. If the supply of any essential utilities like electricity, internet, or natural gas is interrupted, it can lead to a lot of chaos. Contractors responsible for the supply of such utilities always need to be prepared for such emergencies and be well-equipped to deal with problems as and when they arise.

Having the tools and equipment is one of the prerequisites of the contractors being prepared for such emergencies. AMAC Equipment Ltd. is a leading utility supply provider that offers a wide range of top-notch tools and equipment.

Different types of utility supply tools


Aerial equipment
Overhead cables are an integral part of any city's utility infrastructure. Connected through pole lines, overhead cables are used by contractors for supplying electricity and fiber internet. Even telephone companies rely on overhead cables. It is essential to use top-quality aerial equipment for the installation and maintenance of overhead cables. Cable lashers, cable blocks. tensionmeters, overhead sheaves, pole brackets, and pullers are all aerial equipment.

Underground equipment
While overhead cables are vital, it is essential to note the increasing popularity of underground cables among contractors. Safety is one of the significant advantages of underground cables over their overhead counterpart. By safety, we mean both, the safety of workers and the cables. 

If an overhead cable breaks, it poses danger to the people below. There is no such risk with underground cables as they are inside conduits well away from people. Cable pullers, cable blowers, horizontal drilling equipment, and manhole equipment are all underground equipment used by contractors.

AMAC Equipment Ltd. is a leading utility supply equipment provider. Our collection of cable pulling grips is also most sought-after. You can get in touch with our team to solve any queries and get a free quote.