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Choosing The Right Pull Tape For The Job

May 30, 2018

Pull tape has proven itself to be a very versatile tool in cable pulling operations. Strong, low friction and usable in a number of situations, pull tape is a favorite of cable installers. Its flexibility also makes it suitable for using in confined and crooked spaces. In recent years, pull tape has seen a number of advancements and ‘little touches’ which have helped enhance its positive traits; take for instance lubricating coatings which help to reduce heat build-up in cable installation and make it safer to use in close proximity to temperature sensitive equipment and wiring, and distance markers on the tape itself which make measuring distances extremely convenient.


Pull tape comes in a variety of materials and configurations; choose your pull tape wisely for a faster and safer cable installation job.


However, not all pull tape is the same. It can be made from a few different materials (polyester fiber, steel) and you will have to choose the most ideal pull tape on the basis of your application. So what are the factors you should consider when choosing your ideal pull tape; we take a look:


  • Pulling distance – The distance of the pull requires careful selection of pull tape. As distance increases, the elasticity factor of the pull tape becomes more critical. The longer the pull, the lower the stretch should be. Excessive elasticity will increase pulling effort and can lead to an unsafe operation. 


  • Weight of cable – The relationship between the weight of the cable to be pulled has a direct relationship with the strength of the pull tape too. Thick, heavy and bulky cables require a suitably strong pull tape to pull them. Check the breaking strength of your pull tape, allowing sufficient tension headroom, before buying for your operation.


  • Flexibility – If you are working in confined spaces with bends or steps, a flexible pull tape will make cable pulling all that much easier. Note also that contact with surfaces at such bends and steps will lead to friction and will bear a risk for abrasion. Pull tape with a low friction coating will help protect cabling and equipment from heat damage and reduce the effort required for your operation.


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