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Choosing the Right Cable Pulling Grip For Any Job

January 22, 2021

The biggest challenge that cable installers often face is how to get the cable from one point to another without causing damage to it, either when they are pulling it through underground conduits or through overhead utility lines. This is where the use of a cable pulling grip becomes very important. The major purpose of this tool is to give installers a secure hold of the cable they are removing or installing. Pulling grips are typically made from galvanized or stainless steel. In order to guarantee a secure grip, the installer has to determine first the specific type of application, as well as the specifications of the cable run.


It’s critical to know if there would be several bends during the installation, particularly when pulling through conduits. It’s also equally important to determine if the cable will be installed indoors or outdoors and what material it is made of, say a copper or a fibre optic. Knowing these things in advance will help installers decide on what cable pulling grip is best suited for the job. Otherwise, a grip that is too weak can pop off the cable, interrupting the pull. Grips are available in different varieties, but below are the most common types. 


Wire-Mesh Grips 

Instead of relying on two or more points in gripping the cable, a wire-mesh cable pulling grip employs a different action grip that invests on several points of mechanical gripping. This technique is very reliable because every cross on a grip is grabbing the cable. Wire-mesh grips are critical in pulling cables in outside-plant applications such as on overhead power lines with stringing wires. The same goes for pulling cables underground when the installer is pulling out of sight.

Set Screw Grips 

These grips are usually utilized for long pulls of heavy copper cables through its two or more opposing screws, providing a positive lock on each cable. They can pull up to four cables at once with its individual locking heads and are able to pull different sizes of cables.


If your business is looking for reliable cable installation supplies and tools, AMAC Equipment Ltd. has a versatile range to offer you. Contact us today to learn about how we can assist your next installation project.