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Choosing a Suitable Work Tent

July 26, 2019

Work tents are in a league of their own. Featuring the portability and easy-to-assemble characteristics of regular tents, as well as added features to make them suitable for work sites, work tents are a must-have for any group of workers and contractors.


Not only is it a convenient and relatively affordable extra safety measure against the elements to further boost the quality of your work site, it is also a place for workers to gather and socialize, take breaks, eat, and keep more valuable possessions and equipment.


There are some tips and tricks one should know about choosing work tents – these details are what makes the difference between them and regular tents:


1. Enhanced Stability

The frames for work tents are more durable than those of regular tents. They should not need too much additional support in order to withstand strong winds. There are types of work tents that come with fiberglass frames, adding to the stability while reducing the overall weight of the tent.


2. Urethane Covers

The nylon covers of your tent should have a urethane coating, making them all-weather resistant. It is particularly effective against water, meaning your workers do not have to worry about the inside of the tent getting wet on a rainy day.


3. Portability and Convenience

While it is important for work tents to be sturdier, they should not be overly-bulky to the point that their portability is compromised. The easier they are to set up, the less time workers have to spend trying to erect the tent.


AMAC Equipment supplies a range of equipment for all sorts of cable installation operations, including work tents. The tents we supply come with a plethora of features, including five different sizes to choose from and plenty of working space.


Here are some additional features of our work tents:

  • Roll-up door with velcro or zipper closures
  • Built-in wind lines for tethering
  • Window with vent with closing flap
  • 12" (305 mm) skirt around the base
  • Exhaust port


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