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Checking Up On Your Aerial Equipment

February 18, 2021

Aerial equipment is crucial for any electrician team. Electrical posts and on-the-ground electrical installations need precision equipment at the same level as your underground cable installations. You will need to inspect your aerial equipment frequently in the interests of your team’s safety.


Here are the best ways to check up on your aerial equipment:


Make it a Point to Check Monthly

Before going on any projects, make sure to establish a routine check of your aerial equipment. If you haven't yet, set a regular day or date to inspect and look over your spare equipment and tools. In doing so, you can set aside more time to maintain and measure their performance. Having the significant advantage of a backup arsenal is crucial to delivering your project results by the deadline.


Corrosion and Weather Damage

Most aerial supplies and equipment use copper wires, galvanized steel, powder-coated steel ladders, and other metal and reinforced plastic equipment. Most metal equipment can suffer from corrosion and rusting in storage. Dust and debris that rests on stored equipment accelerate their wear and tear. Plastics might bend or suffer from weather-based damage over time. Make sure to check all backups for debris and weather-related damages.


Functionality Examinations

Your machines might look great because they haven't corroded and suffered from massive damages yet, but you're uncertain if they're still working. Before anything, check the circuitry inside motorised and electronic equipment. If they're free from moisture, try using them as you would on the field. If they feel or sound different, turn them off immediately. Then, perform maintenance on all possible areas.


Time Purchased

If your aerial equipment is over ten years old, you can be sure that they may have accumulated some issues. You will need to inspect them carefully, and then if needed, seek out a replacement from a reliable supplier.


Update Your Aerial Equipment with the Most Dependable Local Suppliers

If you have yet to find a dependable aerial equipment supplier, you can find the best ones from AMAC Equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.