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Challenges Faced in The Utility Supply Industry

February 07, 2024
Effective and durable utility supply tools from AMAC Equipment Limited in Richmond Hill, ON

Effective utility distribution is the key to building a thriving city or country. Without basic utilities, no society can sustain, let alone thrive. In the modern world, rarely anything gets done without utilities like electricity and fibre optic internet. One of the prerequisites for effective utility supply is a sound and durable infrastructure. Without a reliable network of overhead and underground cables, there can be no distribution of electricity or fibre optic internet. Contractors in the utility distribution industry face a wide range of complex challenges in doing their jobs effectively. In this blog, we list the most common challenges faced in the modern utility supply industry. 

Common Obstacles In The Modern Day Utility Supply Industry

Cable pulling is an important part of a utility distribution contractor's job. What sounds like a rather simple affair is quite demanding. Pulling overhead cables so high above the ground is not a child's play. It comes with its fair share of risks and difficulties. Utility supply contractors and workers rely on a wide range of tools and equipment to get the job done. Aerial equipment like overhead sheaves, corner blocks, lay-up sticks, cable benders, and pole brackets are crucial for overhead cable pulling.


Underground cable pulling also comes with its fair share of challenges. Pulling cables through tight corners and nooks of existing conduits is exactly as difficult as it sounds. Contractors rely on tools and equipment like duct rodders, fibre optic blowers, pull tapes, pull ropes, conduit carriers, mandrels, winch line blowers, and sophisticated cable pullers. 


Racing against time to finish set up and maintenance of utility supply infrastructure is part of a contractor's job. Utility distribution contractors and workers rely on sophisticated tools and equipment to overcome these challenges.


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