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Cable Pulling Grip: The Answer to Improperly-Laid Cables

December 12, 2017

The entire process of laying down cable is one that must be undertaken with a high degree of caution and forethought. After all, cables are typically expected to last for very long periods of time, and are often being worked through constantly. For utility workers, even transporting cables can be a difficult task that risks damaging the wires – which is exactly why the cable pulling grip exists.



A cable pulling grip greatly lessens the risk of damaged, caught, or frayed cables.



A cable pulling grip is a device used to securely hold a cable while it is being moved or placed, in such a way as to not cause undue damage that may result in safety or efficiency issues down the road. Typically, these will be made of reinforced steel, or will be galvanized with zinc – after all, it is crucial for the grip to be strong enough to maintain its hold on even the toughest cables.


Before selecting a cable pulling grip to use for a project, it is crucial to understand the specifications of the grip itself, the cable it will be used on, and the overall project. The type of grip used is also important, as different models of grip are designed for use on different cables of different materials and strengths. Most importantly, you want to be absolutely certain that you aren’t risking damage to the grip or to the cable – using a grip that is too weak could potentially have this effect.


Safety is always the paramount consideration when it comes to working with cables of any kind, which is why AMAC places enormous emphasis on this part of the cable installation process. Our large supply of grips is available to ensure that our cables are placed securely and without risk or damage. Our customers are always satisfied by our products and services, and we are proud of that! Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they could benefit you.