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Cable Pulling Grip 101

June 11, 2021

Many installation tips are associated with fibre optic cables, such as ensuring the quality of them both before and after installation and limiting fibre optic cable waste or excessive pulling as much as possible. A cable pulling grip is an important partner to these tools, and an exploration of their use will follow. In multiple situations, if the distance is short (or deemed to be less than 3000 ft in this case) and it is relatively straight, a fibre optic cable can be pulled by hand without the assistance of equipment. In the case of mechanical force or a longer distance being required for this task, cable pulling grips will be opted for to perform their beneficial role.



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When workers are pulling fibre optic cables, they can use lines, ropes, or tapes to help with the activity. These tools are commonly pulled through ducts, and they must be lubricated to avoid damaging the inner duct in any way. A wire mesh pulling grip and breakaway swivel are also highly recommended during this type of work.


Wire mesh pulling grips


An external pulling grip is designed to lock into and secure a fibre optic cable as a tensile load. On the end of the grip is a loop for attachment, in order to pull the rope. A swivel is installed between the grip and pulling rope so a twist in the latter does not translate to the fibre optic cable. The swivel is also able to ensure that the cable’s maximum tension is not exceeded.


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