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Cable Lubricant Selection Guidelines

April 19, 2017

Selecting the right cable lubricant for your industrial or commercial role is a great plus to giving your machines a fresh breath. Although high performance gels are best known to offer superior qualities, careful selection of the right lubricants is required. 

Consider high relative stringiness

A good cable lubricant confers exceptional stringiness relative to the parts it’s used on. This ensures that the surface grip attains the required levels, without limiting the operational efficiency or deterring the overall torque resultant on the revolving axel. For more efficiency, non-stick water based lubricants are advised as they have low staining effects on the surface.

High temperature resilience

For the lubricant to function effectively, it should be able to stand working under highly strained conditions. In such conditions, surface rubbing of the gears and the cable leads to excessive heat being produced, hence the need to have high temperature resilient lubricants when working on cabled belts.

High relative cling ability

Good cable lubricating substrates offer high clinging and non-slip abilities. These are aimed at ensuring that the cable does not lose grip, even at high operational speed. As a consequence, only lubricants proven to have high cling and non-slip abilities should be used on high tension cabled belts.

Stability of the product base

With most cable lubricants being polymer-based, there is need to have the right combination of polymers being used on a given cabled system. This allows for effective control of the revolving belts as well and effective protection of the machined gear surfaces. With the high stability of the polymer being maintained, more stability of the cable within the track is easily achieved. 

At AMAC Equipment Limited, we specialize in the production and delivery of the finest cable lubricant solutions. In our specialty, we embed the best substrates in our lubricating fluids with the aim of achieving optimal results.