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Cable Lashers: Utility Supply Tools For Cable Pulling

September 21, 2022

Cables play an important role in utility supply. The smooth supply of electricity and fibre optic internet, both of which are crucial for the functioning of a city, are reliant on cables. Cables used for utility supply are of two types: overhead and underground. Both overhead and underground cable pulling are intricate tasks that require different types of tools and equipment. In today's blog, we focus on cable lashers that are specifically used for overhead cable pulling. 

What is a cable lasher?

Cable lashing is a process in which an aerial wire is attached to its messenger wire. In order to prevent the wires from sagging or breaking due to high tension, they are attached to messenger wires, which bear all the tension, and ensure that the main wire does not break. A cable lasher is used to lash single or multiple aerial cables to a supporting wire. Usually, lashing wire made of high-strength materials like stainless steel is used along with cable lashers for the best results. 

Cable lashers from AMAC Equipment

J2 Cable Lasher
The J2 cable lasher can be used for lashing aerial cables up to 3 inches in diameter. It can be used for lashing on suspension strands or messenger wires from 6mm to 11mm. If you are looking to use it with a strand a little bigger than 11mm, a factory modification will allow lashing on a 12.7mm strand.

C2 Cable Lasher
A C2 cable lasher is ideal for aerial cables with smaller diameters. Single or multiple cables up to 46 mm can be lashed on 6 to 10 mm strands with the help of a C2 cable lasher. You get with this lasher a 1.6m bridle rope, snap hooks, and a storage chest. 

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