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Cable Installation Tools from AMAC Equipment

November 23, 2017

When conducting a cable installation, it is incredibly important that safety is observed at all times. Part of this will involve using durable and reliable cable installation tools, so the importance of their reliable function cannot be understated.

Each cable installation presents its own unique set of circumstances. In order to address these, AMAC Equipment has in its inventory the latest and most reliable tools available in the market today.


There are many cable installation tools designed to make the process easier and safer, including:


  • Dynamometers - A dynamometer, or dyno, can be used to ensure the proper settings are used in operating fiber blowers and cable pullers. They will ensure the proper tensioning and operation of aerial cables to maximize their work capacity and integrity.
  • Cable Cutters - While the function of cable cutters is reasonably obvious, the cutters available from AMAC Equipment are not simple cutting tools. In reality, each cable cutter has its own design specification that makes it especially compatible with specific types of cable. These high-quality tools will cut cleanly through each wire they’ve been designed for, ensuring consistency and efficiency for installation and removal operations.
  • Cable Benders - One of the most in-demand cable installation tools from AMAC Equipment are the cable benders. True to its name, these tools bend the cable without damaging its outer covering or injuring its inner construction.  The bending tool is necessary to lay out the cable work along its intended design.
  • Safety Tools - You can never be too careful when it comes to cable installation – fortunately, AMAC also has a stock of safety equipment and is knowledgeable on safe practices for installations. Keep your safety guidelines in mind at all times while working!


AMAC Equipment provides top-of-the-line cable installation tools for our buyers. Our stock includes dynamometers, cable cutters, cable blenders, and plenty more. We have the capacity to provide you with nearly any tool you may need for installations; contact us today to learn more!