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Cable Cutters: How to Choose the Right One

May 11, 2017

Choosing the right type of cable cutter can be tricky, considering the different types and brands available today. There are various types of cable-cutting equipment used in professional cabling practice. Below are the most common classes of cutting tools chosen by companies:

Hydraulic cable cutter

Crafted for cutting cables through a hydraulic press system, hydraulic cutters require lesser effort than conventional manual cutters. This is primarily due to the deployment of the hydraulic system in the jaw opening and closing matrix of the cutter. There are various options associated with the use of hydraulic cutters including:  battery cutters, corded cutters, remote hydraulic cutters as well as hand hydraulic cutters.

Manual cable cutter

Unlike conventional hydraulic cable cutter systems, manual cutters solely rely on muscle capability of the user in cutting the cables. As a result, they are more energy intensive, making them less effective for use in handling large cables or those with larger widths.  

Ratchet-end cutters

Unlike the manual and the hydraulic cable cutters, this class of cable cutting tools involves the use of ratchets on the end of cutting jaws. This makes the cutter more effective in dealing with the cables, as opposed to the manual option. Ideally ratchet-end cutters can be either one or two ratcheted, with the two-ratchet option being more effective.

Chain cable cutter

Crafted in a special class of its own, chain cable cutters allow for sawing of tough cables within seconds. Chain boarded cutters are effective in handling multi-corded cables or those with tough and extra hard cores.

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