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An Overview of Hydraulic Cable Cutters From AMAC Equipment Limited

May 09, 2022

Utility supply is essential for the functioning of any city. Households and businesses cannot survive without basic utilities like electricity or fiber internet. Contractors are trusted with the task of setting up and maintaining the utility supply infrastructure in a city. There are many tools and equipment that contractors rely on for this purpose.

Overhead and underground cables are both essential for utility supply. Cable cutting is one of the important aspects involved in both, overhead and underground cable pulling. Hydraulic cable cutters are very effective in helping contractors cut cables with ease.


We discuss a few facts about hydraulic cutters supplied by AMAC Equipment Limited.


All the tools and equipment supplied by us are of the highest quality. Our years of experience in dealing with diverse clients from across Canada have helped us earn a name as one of the best in the industry.

The hydraulic cutter supplied by AMAC Equipment Limited is dependable due to the following reasons:


  • Perfect for cutting through even heavy-duty cables with ease.
  • Ease of use is another factor that makes our hydraulic cutters immensely popular among contractors.
  • Minimal wastage of cables is guaranteed as the surface area in which the pressure is applied is minimal.
  • Hydraulic cutters from AMAC Equipment Limited are durable. With minimal care like using the right lubricant, these cutters offer optimal performance for many years.
  • Maintenance of the pressure is essential for the hydraulic cutters to function well. Air bubbles are the major hindrance that can affect the pressure of the hydraulic cutters. However, when you source them from a top brand like AMAC Equipment, you do not have to worry about inadequate pressure.

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