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AMAC Aerial Equipment for Safe and Effective Cable Installations

December 28, 2017

Aerial cable installation is often a necessity for many network providers and utility companies where overhead cables are laid out. These cables are typically used as a cheap and effective solution for in-the-way wires, but they still need to be installed safely! To ensure an effective, reliable, and safe installation, you’ll want to use aerial equipment, which can effectively and reliably aid in most major installations.


AMAC stocks a wide variety of aerial equipment items, including…


  • Cable Blocks - These blocks are designed to provide stability during overhead installation, supporting the cable in such a way as to protect it from typical sources of damage that can occur while laying it into place. AMAC offers cable blocks in a number of types, each with its own helpful niche: economy, single roller, and pole mount.
  • Overhead Sheaves - Sheaves are commonly used as guides and supports for fiber optic and CATV cables. The design of AMAC’s unique sheaves supports the cable in such a way that prevents it from falling off the sheave. They are also designed to put as little stress on the cable as possible, making them ideal for even the most demanding installations.
  • Pullers - Cable grip pullers are necessary to manage overhead cables, and to maintain the ideal position for longevity and cost-effective function. There are also a number of puller accessories available in our stock to improve their function even further!


In overhead cable installations, finding aerial equipment that could do the tasks involved is not enough – ensure that the tools are long-lasting and will keep the workers from any harm. To address the key concerns of reliability and safety of using aerial equipment, AMAC Equipment guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards. We carry a wide inventory of the tools for every type of overhead infrastructure requirement. We also provide expert advice on the equipment use, maintenance and repair to make your aerial cable installations more effective, safe and quick.