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All You Need To Know About Pull Tape

November 20, 2023
High-quality pull tape from AMAC Equipment Limited in Richmond Hill Ontario

Cable pulling is an intricate task that requires access to top-notch tools and equipment. Contractors cannot pull cable through conduits without access to the best tools. There are countless sophisticated tools and equipment that contractors rely on. While there is much discussion about the more advanced and sophisticated tools, the simple yet effective ones are often overlooked. Pull tape, also known as mule tape, is one of the cable-pulling accessories that do not get the credit it deserves. What exactly is it? It is something used by utility supply contractors to electricians. We list in this blog all you need to know about pull tapes.


Everything You Need To Know About Pull Tape

It won't be an exaggeration to say that mule tape is omnipresent at different work sites. It is used by workers at construction, telecommunications, and electrical work sites. This durable and flexible tape is designed to assist in the installation of cables or wires through conduits or ducts. The problem with using normal rope for pulling through conduits is that they can cause friction. 


Friction is undesirable as it can damage cables and the conduit. Mule tapes are made of polypropylene which has anti-fraction properties. These tapes are also pre-lubricated to ensure effortless cable pulling. These tapes are flat woven thus significantly reducing the risk of burn-through. These tapes also have the ability to elongate. Elongation prevents the tape from breaking easily. Mule tapes also come with measurements printed on them. 


The flexibility of mule tape means that it can be easily maneuvered through tight spaces, bends, and corners without causing any damage to the conduit or the cables being pulled. Its smooth surface reduces friction during installation, ensuring a seamless process.


Pull tape is an essential tool used to route cables and wires through conduits with ease. The flat-woven, pre-lubricated surface ensures that there is no damage to the conduit or the cable when being pulled through conduits with tight spaces. AMAC Equipment Limited is a leading supplier of mule tapes. We are the leading supplier of utility supply tools and equipment. We have in our arsenal everything from pull tape and cable bowers to aerial equipment and a wide range of Condux products. Contact us today to place your order.