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All You Need to Know about Cable Lubricant

May 23, 2019

Running individual cables through a conduit is a daunting task if the cable is long or has many bends. This is why cable lubricant, also known as cable lube, is an absolutely necessary part of any cable pulling operation.


1. Why:


It is virtually impossible to work with cables without having some cable lubricant on hand.


Cable lubricant was specifically formulated to help deal with the problems cable pulling was presenting. Cable lubricant reduces friction between cables and conduits, minimizing damage to the cable jackets. As a result, cable pulling becomes much faster, safer, and smoother. Cable lubricant comes in various forms and choosing one depends on your specific application.


2. How:


The cable installer uses one hand to lubricate the cables while ensuring with his other hand that the cables go straight into the conduit. Cable lubricant is completely electrically neutral or nonconductive. Moreover, they are non-toxic, non-corrosive and odourless, and do not harm the skin. Lubricant can be cleaned off of cables with only regular soap and water.


3. What:


Liquid: this type of cable lubricant is ideal to use when pulling cables or wires with conduits that run vertically. The cable installer can simply pour the liquid lubricant inside the cable, and the lubricant will travel and spread evenly enough. The lubricant will coat both the conduit and the wires.   


Gel: unlike liquid lubricant, a gel cable lubricant has a more viscous consistency, meaning it will not drip off the end of a cable after being applied. As such, it is perfect for overhead applications where dripping would be an issue.


Wax: wax lubricant is similar to gel lubricant only in the sense that it does not drip. However, it is entirely different in consistency and is more tolerant heat, which makes this type of lubricant the best option for cable pulling in hot-weather environments.


Cable lubricants are essential to any cable pulling operation. AMAC Equipment supplies a wide variety of high-quality cable lubricants, having one of the lowest frictional coefficients and made with high-grade raw materials.