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Aerial Versus Underground Fibre Cable Installation

February 18, 2022

Fibre cables are an integral part of modern civilization, with many projects requiring the use of these robust cables. A lot of planning is required to execute a successful Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) installation, and there are 2 major ways to go about it. Either the wires can be installed above ground with the aid of various aerial equipment or they can be set up underground. To understand which method is the best, it’s important to parse through their respective pros and cons.


Here is how aerial and underground installations differ from one another.


Deploying Fiber Cables Aerially

When it comes to a cost-effective method of cable installation, aerial installation is the best bet, as the initial cost of setting up the infrastructure is far less in comparison to underground installation. 


However, the one major con of aerial FTTP installation is the exposure of the wire to the elements such as rain, sunlight, strong winds and even birds, which makes them vulnerable. That being said, this problem can easily be mitigated by increasing the strength of the wires and the supporting poles. But this can ultimately shoot up installation costs, making it difficult for city councils and local bodies to approve its set up, thereby making them unsuitable in urban areas. 


Therefore, aerial cables work best in rural areas where there is no particular space constraint. 


Deploying Fiber Cable Underground

In urban environments, underground cable installation is a better option, as the wires are protected from the elements and last a long time. 


However, it also has a few downsides. The primary one is the initial cost installation, for it’s vital to dig deep trenches to bury the wires in order to save them from accidents. The deeper the trench is, the more expensive the operation gets, not to mention facing unforeseen obstacles like tree roots along the way. 


Furthermore, unlike duct installations, wires deployed underground are difficult to repair and maintain as it is anchored to the ground. 


Finally, geography also plays a big role when opting for underground setups, as the type of soil and terrain can pose increased challenges while digging.  


Thus, choosing between aerial or underground mode of deployment can be tricky, and needs to be decided on a case-to-case basis, based on the factors stated above. 


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