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Aerial Equipment: Types Of Fiber Optic Cable Pullers

March 31, 2022

Fiber cable infrastructure is key to offering better internet access to homes and businesses worldwide. Without a sound and stable infrastructure, offering high-speed fiber optic internet is impossible. Administrations rely on contractors to pull overhead cables, set up and maintain the infrastructure necessary for making the internet available to everyone. 


Overhead cable pulling is a challenging task that requires experienced technicians, a wide range of tools, and the latest equipment. The overhead fiber cables need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions for many years.Any kind of mistake during overhead cable pulling can not only affect the utility supply but also can lead to accidents with severe risk to the general public. 

To make the task easier, contractors rely on aerial equipment like fiber optic cable pullers.

3 types of fiber optic cable pullers


Pole mounting fiber optic cable puller

As the name suggests, this equipment can be easily mounted on a utility pole. The plug drive and the firm frames together enable a stable mounting of the fiber optic cable puller. Smooth hydraulic power and an accurate tension measuring system make the work of contractors much easier.


Hitch mounting cable puller

While the previous model can be easily attached to a utility pole, this particular type of cable puller has a hitch mount that can be easily attached to a Reese-type receiver. An adjustable jack offers additional stability enabling easier overhead fiber cable pulling 


The importance of capstans

What is a capstan? Capstan is a revolving cylinder used by contractors for winding cables safely. They are usually powered by motors to ensure faster winding or unwinding of the cables. They are pretty important to the contractors as they offer safe storage of cables. Capstans come in different sizes to ensure compatibility with cables of varying lengths and thicknesses.


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