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Aerial Equipment That Is Essential For Overhead Cable Pulling

January 31, 2022

Underground and overhead cables together form the backbone of any city's utility supply infrastructure. Dependable infrastructure enables the uninterrupted supply of electricity and fibre optical internet. Even telecommunication providers rely on overhead lines to offer their uninterrupted service to customers dotted across the city. 

What enables effective overhead cable pulling is a wide range of aerial equipment. As a result, technicians and contractors depend on modern tools and equipment that makes their job easier. In addition, cable pulling is a task that requires precision, and the following equipment helps in achieving exactly that.


AMAC Equipment supplies the following pieces of equipment that are essential for overhead cable pulling.



Single roller cable blocks

The single roller cable blocks come with steel cable retainers to make contractors' tasks easier. In addition, the built-in strand lock prevents unnecessary creeping. Made using durable cast aluminum or plastic mould, these cable blocks are durable and easy to use. Pole mount cable blocks are also widely used by contractors.


Set-up bracket

When a pole is not at a reachable distance, and the technicians require a mid-span mount at a 45-degree corner, they rely on set-up brackets. This equipment is made using high-quality steel and features a safety clip, tightening knob and strand clamp for additional safety.


Cable bender

For bending cables safely and without causing any damage to them, technicians rely on cable benders. This equipment depends on mechanical wrenching action for creating expansion loops. Cable benders from AMAC equipment are made using high-grade steel.


Overhead fibre optic cable sheave

This equipment is specifically designed to ensure that the cable does not come off the sheave during installation. You can separate the hanger arm and fix the cable inside quickly by simply removing a pin. Overhead fibre optic cable sheave is made using aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to use.

For the best aerial equipment, you can rely on AMAC Equipment. We also supply pull tape and hydraulic cable cutters. Get in touch with us today to avail the best deals.