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Aerial Equipment For Safe and Efficient Cable Installation

July 14, 2020

Aerial cable installation, where overhead cables are laid out, has been the go-to option for most network providers and utility companies. The leading advantage of opting for this type of cable installation is fast and easy access for repairs and maintenance. However, in order to ensure an effective, reliable, and safe cable installation, the right aerial equipment and its proper use are very important. There are a variety of different devices, depending on your specific applications:



Cable grip pullers are needed to guide electrical cables and protect exposed wire and cables. This will ensure that wires are handled properly and safely.


Overhead sheaves

Sheaves are a special kind of aerial equipment that is designed to aid the lifting or pulling of loads and also guide fiber optic or CATV cables safely and efficiently. 


Cable blocks

These are meant to provide stability during overhead installation and help prevent accidents, reduce maintenance requirements, and increase service life. Cable blocks are usually made from molded plastic, cast aluminum, or steel. They are also made in different types, including single roller cable block which supports single coaxial, copper cable, and fibre optic. Other types are the pole mount cable block that supports fibre optic or small-sized copper strands, overlash, and economy blocks.


Cable benders

These are intended to provide a mechanical wrenching action and create expansion loops that can last for more than 25 years. They are effective at reducing stress and any additional hand forming.


Pole brackets

This device offers structural integrity and serves as the base for sheaves and other accessories needed to be attached. They come with easy to set up ratcheting straps providing a secure fit to the pole.    

Having reliable and high-quality aerial equipment during overhead cable installations can help keep your technicians safe. If you are in need of aerial cable installation and underground cable installation products and services, call AMAC Equipment today!