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5 Clear Signs it's Time to Replace Your Existing Aerial Equipment

October 15, 2020

Aerial equipment is vital for all your electrical installation team's operational needs. Without high-quality devices and tools, it will take a great deal of time to complete your projects. 

To avoid logistical problems, look for these early signs of damage to your equipment to know if they need replacing:

Corroding Metallic Components

Virtually all aerial equipment existing today uses aluminium and steel as their primary components. These pieces of equipment have enough strength to bend and manage cables however, over time, they can corrode due to elemental exposures. If you see heavy corrosion in some of your materials, it's time for you to consider replacing them.

Loose Screws and Threads Despite Repeated Repairs

Screws tighten grips, vices, and clamps you use to secure cables on posts during aerial operations. However, these screw-based aerial equipment such as pole-mount cable blocks, overlash and economy blocks can have loose screw threads. While you can find replacement screws, it's often better to replace the entire set.

Bent and Out-of-Shape Brackets and Corner Blocks

Set-up brackets and corner blocks give you exceptional control over shaping and tying wires together. However, repeated use can change the shape and form of your brackets. While you can use a hammer to remove these bends, it's better to find replacements for them to prevent unpredictable consequences during your project.

Loose Cable Puller Capstans

Over time, capstans that hold your cable similar to spools can have loose mounting frames or bent shapes. When this happens, it's better to replace the entire wheel unless the clutch, structure or other mounts are causing the problem.

Weak Lashing Wire Clamp Grip

Clamps to hold wires in place must have enough strength to secure the materials. You will have loose threads or damaged screws if the clamp has a weak grip that collapses your bunch of wires and cables completely. 

Make Sure to Source The Best Replacements From Dependable Suppliers

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