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5 Characteristics Of A Quality Reel Trailer

September 27, 2021

Cable reel trailers or reel trailers are a very important part of cable installation. This device essentially consists of a spindle-like structure around which the cable is wound. Mounted on wheels, these trailers help in transporting heavy cables to different locations. With this function in mind, choosing a good trailer can be narrowed down to a few factors. 



Here are 5 qualities to look for in a top-notch reel trailer



Increased Productivity

Other than transportation, it is important to unload and load the cable as quickly as possible, as it saves more time and eventually, more manpower. To this end, the best reel trailers will have mechanisms that make it relatively easy to wind and unwind the cables on the spindle.


Easy Maintenance

Any equipment that can be maintained with ease is a worthy investment. For reel trailers, this comes in the form of a single reel trailer, which is manually operated and is very easy to maintain. This simplicity inadvertently affects its load-bearing capacity. 


Uncompromising on Safety

As all cable installation requires a certain number of technicians, it is vital to always keep their safety in mind. Many of these cable coils are extremely heavy, hence loading and unloading them routinely is a risky endeavour. To keep this hazard to a minimum, the best reel trailers have a safety mechanism in place, such as the safety chains used in multiple reel trailers.


Reduction In Manpower

In the cable installation industry, it is best to keep things as simple as possible. If a single reel trailer can accomplish the task with a minimal number of people, then it doesn’t make sense to use more complicated machinery. Hence, an excellent reel trailer can be safely and efficiently operated by just one person, or a very small crew at most. 



Lastly, the cost of a reel trailer is as important as the qualities stated above. If it fits the company’s budget while being efficient and safe, then it is undoubtedly the best purchase for the cable installation team, such as the high-end reel trailers offered by AMAC Equipment Limited, which also offers a free demo of their equipment.