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5 Accurate Ways to Know If Your Fiber Blowers Need Replacing

January 15, 2021

All cable installation personnel need exceptionally-performing fiber blowers to ensure that they can secure a fiber optic cable with enough insertion force into its respective duct. Being such an essential element for installations, these units require daily checks and maintenance to ensure they're working well.


If you're having some problems with your units, here are five great ways to know if it's time to replace them for good. 


Water or Air Pressure is Inconsistent

Fiber blowers depend on compressed air or hydraulics to drive forward cables enough to secure them in place, along the plastic or HDPE duct common, in most fiber optic installations. If the pressure has been decreasing despite using the same settings as before, it might require maintenance. Frequent occurrences of poor or inconsistent pressure may merit immediate replacement. 

Frequently Inaccurate Guidance

Cable guidance guarantees that the fiber blowers align their payload cables accurately against the HDPE duct's opening. This system of bushes and rolls ensure that the cable lands directly into the blowing head that secures it in place inside the duct. Poor cable guidance can result in repeated blowing errors, which decreases productivity time significantly.

Poor Cable Metre Counting

Cable metering allows installation teams to install just the right amount of cable into the duct. Anything in excess can create unnecessary margins of error for the entire installation. If your metre counter is becoming more inaccurate with repeated use of your blowers, it's likely time to call in a specialist maintenance team or replace them to avoid disruptions in your daily work. 

Unreliable Insertion Speed Adjuster

Pressure is the first suspect for inaccurate insertion speeds, despite higher or lower adjusted settings. However, it is possible that your unit's belt feeder, air or water connections that compress or catalyze force during the blowing action, and other components are to blame for unreliable speed adjustments.

Has Been in Service Beyond a Decade

A fiber blower that has aged gracefully working its fullest in 6-10 years warrants a replacement as soon as possible. It will soon become a liability instead of an asset -- and can disrupt your daily operations significantly.

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