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4 Undeniable Reasons Quality Pull Tape is Essential For Any Project

September 24, 2020

Cable installation is an important process that requires accuracy and precision.To make sure you deliver the best services for your clients consistently, you'll need reliable tools at your disposal. At first glance, a pull tape set seems to be the lowest-priority equipment you need. However, their efficiency allows you to save so much time and money especially if you use high-quality ones.


Here are four reasons why many experienced cable installers stand by them:


Do Away With Makeshift Solutions

History always shows the resilience of professionals in the face of challenges. Before the pull tape emerged to improve project speed and quality, cable installers had to use general-purpose strings and ropes. While these worked for a while, most installers noticed these materials leaving skid and burn marks along the cable's interior. This might seem cosmetic, but it will always have a detrimental effect on the cable's performance. 

Avoid Burns With High Quality Tapes

A high quality pull tape made from woven polyester or yarn fibers guarantee the lowest risk of interior cable burning and stretch. In doing so, it can efficiently pull cables while preserving the latter's quality. Furthermore, high quality pull tapes that AMAC Equipment supplies have additional useful features including measurement markings and functionality as a winchline. 

Will Never Break During Operational Periods

Many pull tapes and improvised cable pulling materials and tools face this huge problem: breakage. High quality tapes from renowned manufacturers will not break easily during their operational periods even with repeated use. Even if it is a small detail, pull ribbon breakage is a huge contributor to wasted productivity periods and project delays. 

Has Many Variations With Useful Applications

Pull tapes have other variations including steel or fiberglass fish tapes and polypropylene or polyester plastic composite pulling rope. Both can handle advanced cable installation situations wherein a standard high quality tape cannot achieve proper results.

Always Come Prepared For Any Cable Installation Project

AMAC is GTA's go-to supplier of cable installation products and services. We supply excellent quality cable installation materials, tools, and equipment. We have been providing quality equipment and advanced cable-related services for more than 40 years. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us today!