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4 Types of Manhole Equipment For Successful Underground Cable Installations

August 20, 2020

Underground cable installations require the best manhole equipment possible that guarantees pinpoint accuracy and consistent precision in every project. True enough, quality underground installations depend greatly on your team's skills, but your equipment plays a huge role in its final result's quality and long-term performance.


Here are four crucial types of underground installation equipment your team should always have:


Duct Rodders

Quality duct rodding manhole equipment is made of a composite steel core and a rugged polymer jacket that allows it to guide cables of any kind without damage to your underground leading ducts. AMAC Equipment provides high-quality, lightweight, and hand-operated duct rodders that have their respective hand-operated wheel brake.

Cable Blowers

Pneumatic manhole equipment such as cable blowers play a huge role in installing and reaching different distances when it comes to cable installation. AMAC Equipment's top-shelf blowers guarantee exceptional results and long-term reliability whether you're sending measuring tapes or fibre optic cables through distances 2,000 feet and beyond.

Pulling Ropes and Pull Tapes

Guiding cables require pulling ropes and pull tapes that will not blister or cause friction especially when you're going through different corners and paths. Our supply of pull ropes are made from sturdy yet smooth polyester that guarantees minimal to no friction and undesirable results upon installation.

Cable Pulling Grips

Pulling extremely heavy cables requires a sturdy pulling trailer and a powerful pulling grip. Cable pulling grips from AMAC Equipment use galvanized steel strands that ensure long-life that spans from 50-70 years. In addition, you have a great variety of grip eyes available too.

Always Get Great Results By Working With The Best Suppliers

If you have yet to find a reliable supplier to work with, don't hesitate to contact us at AMAC Equipment. Our decades of experience combined with our inclusive on-site demonstration and training guarantees you'll have the best results in all your projects. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.