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4 Important Aerial Equipment Efficient Cable Installers Should Have

December 06, 2019

Aerial installations introduce a different set of challenges compared to underground cable installations. Technicians need to undergo a different training programme, and essential aerial equipment such as aerial lifts are needed to help you make precision cable installations.


Single-Roller Cable Blocks

This essential aerial equipment allows your personnel to secure cables on poles effectively. AMAC's single-roller cable blocks are made of the highest-grade materials and are designed to prevent cable creeping. It is relatively lightweight thanks to its aluminum or molded plastic and steel frame, and can come with an optional steel cable retainer.


Pole-Mount Cable Blocks

Pole mount cables allow tension to spread across the cables and along every pole line. The convenience of pulling from pole-to-pole smoothly and accurately makes pole-mount cable blocks an important part of any arsenal of aerial equipment. AMAC's pole-mount cable blocks are made of steel, plastic, or aluminum, and are known for their durability.


Cable Benders

There are many situations when aerial technicians need to wrench cables carefully and create loops. Cable benders are capable of doing this with minimal cable stress. AMAC's standard cable benders have an average lifespan of 25 years and its frame is made of high quality steel, retaining its light weight.


Setup Brackets

Setup brackets are needed to help ensure that cables insert into mounting blocks properly. AMAC's setup brackets attach to a cable strand and allow you to align incoming cables along with their cable reels accurately while providing flexibility. With its steel body, our setup brackets can last for decades.


It is crucial to always have the right aerial equipment on hand whenever you undertake a new project. If you need a trusted supplier, you can always count on us at AMAC Equipment to advise and train you in using cable installation equipment. Contact us today to learn more!