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4 Exceptional Qualities of High-Quality Duct Rodder Suppliers

June 26, 2020

A duct rodder plays an important role in inserting smaller cables into underground ducts. It has to have enough torque and precision to guarantee no abrasions and burns on your cable materials.


It’s critical to have the finest, high-quality duct rodders for any project, so make sure you work with a supplier that has these four helpful qualities:


Answers All Your Questions During On-Site Demonstrations

Quality suppliers such as AMAC Equipment provide customers with on-site demonstrations to showcase the features of duct rodder units we supply. In doing so, we help your team create the right questions as we provide the answers that can help them maximize the unit's functionality and capability in-field. 

Provides Equipment Training 

Aside from on-site demonstrations, quality suppliers also conduct on-site training for their products and supplies. In doing so, we help your team improve their potential to maximize in-field equipment features you've never seen in previous units. After all, you're investing in advanced technologies; we want you to use it to your advantage.

Ensures Your Team Is Up To Date With Latest Equipment Practices

Equipment only makes up half the efficacy and capability of any project. The skill and capacity of your team to handle any situation creates the perfect solutions and results. With updated equipment use practices from our training team, your personnel will have the skills necessary to yield significant results.

Guarantees Quality Solutions With Proper Customer Support

We at AMAC Equipment ensure that all our customers receive only the best quality products, equipment, and support. We have strict guidelines when it comes to supply quality, distribution, logistics, and training modules. 

Make Sure You're Working With Capable and Renowned Suppliers

Contact AMAC Equipment today to learn more about how we can best help you. With over 50 years of providing top-quality equipment, materials, and electrical and cable installation supplies to our clients, we guarantee only significant results in all our projects. Give us a call today!