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4 Essential Cable Installation Tools

October 04, 2021

While cables and reel trailers are essential for any aerial or underground cable projects, cable installation tools are equally crucial for every installation team. It's impossible to finish a project with precision and on time without high-quality tools at your disposal. To successfully complete an installation, you should always have the following toolsets in the best possible working condition. 



Here are 4 cable installation tools you need to stock up on right away.



Cable Plough

Ploughs can dig an entire trench through the ground by removing and turning the topsoil. Then, the team can promptly lay down cable protection pipes. To achieve this, all reliable cable installation teams have a static and vibration cable plough. Static ploughs are conventional diggers that can plough effectively in wide-open spaces. On the other hand, vibration ploughs remove large rocks and pebbles to better facilitate ploughing.


Cable Trenching Machine

Cable installation teams need a trencher to create wide trenches on undeveloped lands where the cables will be laid down. Off-city installation teams often use large, ride-on trenchers that can create deep trenches within minutes. Most installation teams use modern trench equipment outside cities.


Cable Boring Machine

Minimizing above-ground disruptions requires boring and drilling tools. This high-quality precision equipment can pass through underground surfaces to lay cables. The most common is the Horizontal Directional Drilling boring tools, which are used to lay cables in shallow ground. They bore deep and long holes along a certain direction where the pipes can be effectively laid down. This tool is great if you want to install your cables without extensive digging.


Cable Pullers

Pulling grips, support grips, and other cable-pulling equipment makes the job of running cables faster and guarantees the least snag possible. Cable pulling practices vary from one team to another. However, they all use similar equipment that passes the industry standards, such as the top-notch cable pullers made by AMAC Equipment, the leaders in providing quality cable installation tools.

You can always count on us at AMAC Equipment for your underground and aerial cable equipment needs. We guarantee the best project results with our decades of experience and knowledge. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.