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4 Essential Cable Installation Tools All Electricians Must Have

April 23, 2021

Technology has given electricians the perfect cable installation tools that guarantee they can fulfill a project efficiently and expertly. High-quality cable installation tools speed up project timelines and achieve all the electrician's intended milestones for the day.


Here are four basic yet helpful cable installation tools all electrician teams must-have:


Cable Pulling Trailer

Teams of electricians have to work with a host of complex cables in order to properly install electric lines. With that said, they are now able to use tools to help them speed up the process. Cable pulling trailers with varying strengths are the best choices for any project. AMAC Equipment has high-quality pulling trailers with the best strength and compressors capable of handling any project efficiently.


Slip Clutch Capstans

Without these, cable pulling trailers can't pull back at all. These pulley-like wheels can pull out a long cable spool without damaging the cable material. At AMAC Equipment, we can provide you high-quality slip clutch capstans with a diameter that works for all activity levels. We can even customize the size of these tools for your project.


Single Reel Trailers

These trailers hold long, gigantic cable spools for underground installations. AMAC Equipment has various single and multiple reel trailers making it easy to transition from reel transportation to installation quickly. Working with cable pulling trailers, electrician teams are able to install underground electric circuit cables with less effort, resources, and time.


Portable Hydraulic Power Packs

Power packs allow cable pulling technicians to achieve the best results for their installation projects. AMAC supplies our clients with only the best in the market. You can get power packs that work with the Condux Fiber Optic Cable Puller and the Fiber Optic Cable Blower. If those don't work for your pullers, we can find you fully compatible ones.


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