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4 Essential Aerial Equipment Used By Contractors

April 19, 2022

Utility supply is heavily dependent on the availability of sound infrastructure of underground and overhead cables. While underground cable laying is difficult, it involves a comparatively lesser risk of accidents during the installation process. 

There are several risks involved in overhead cable pulling, During and after installation, any type of accident can cause severe damage to the pole lines, cables, or the general public.

Contractors rely on a wide range of aerial equipment to guarantee the safety of the workers and the overhead cable infrastructure. Such equipment also guarantees swift and timely completion of cable pulling.


Common equipment used for aerial cable pulling

Pole bracket & mount adapter
The pole bracket works perfectly for 45-degree and 90-degree corner blocks. Made using top-quality steel, the bracket has a vertical shaft that receives corner blocks. Easy setup and strong grip are features that make the pole bracket & mount adapter vital.

Overlap cable blocks
Overlash cable blocks support a single coaxial, fiber optic or copper cable up to 3.75" in diameter. The unidirectional strand lock fits up to 1/2" strand and prevents creeping during cable installation. The blocks are made of durable cast aluminum.

Economy cable blocks
These cable blocks are capable of supporting cable with up to 1.25" outside diameter. The integrated cable retaining system and spring-loaded arm are special features of this cable block that boasts a frame made of cast aluminum. The rollers are made of plastic or steel.

Fiber optic strand lock
Fiber optic strand lock block features the lever-operated cam that locks the block in position. While pulling, the lever-operated cam locks the block in position and automatically releases it during lashing. The frame is made of heat-treated aluminum alloy and a removable pin keeps the cable in place.

You can rely on AMAC Equipment Limited to source essential aerial equipment and cable pulling grip at the best rates. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of products.