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4 Distinct Advantages of Using A Fiber Blower

September 13, 2021

Installing fiber optic cables is a task undertaken by a lot of cable pulling service providers. Essentially, the cables are installed by using a device known as the fiber blower. Fiber blowers work with compressed air, pushing the fiber optic cables into the ducts without much effort, and with precise control. Due to these characteristics, they are widely used in many cable installation endeavours. 


Here are 4 great merits of using a fiber blower



Less Risk of Damage

Since the fiber is being pushed by compressed air instead of being pulled, it is less likely to cause any damage to the fiber cable. This is mainly due to the lack of any major stress on the fibers, making the entire process effortless.


Less Down-Time

Good fiber blowers, such as those provided by AMAC Equipment Limited, can help a crew blow thousands of feet worth of fiber optic cable in a single workday. As long as the duct systems are free of obstructions, a lot of installation work can be accomplished in a relatively short span of time. This is highly beneficial for the business and its clients. 


Reduction In Manpower

Generally, a lot of manpower and technical expertise is required to install a cable system. However, thanks to fiber blowers, a small, well-trained crew can accomplish a lot of work from a single location. This ultimately means that they won’t have to relocate and set up again regularly, saving precious resources. 



Any business model which can be expanded as per need is beneficial in the long run. With a fiber blower, this becomes possible due to its absolute convenience. Blowing cables into the ducts can be done effortlessly, hence, they can be used as per requirement, avoiding wastage of fiber cables in the process. The installation can also surmount challenges like turns and bends, making it versatile as well as cost-effective. 


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